Bad Teacher? Orange County Teacher Suspended for Pot, Pills on Campus- Not Arrested

Bad Teacher? Orange County Teacher Suspended for Pot, Pills on Campus- Not Arrested

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Social Studies teacher and cheerleading coach Megan Urban was probably having a pretty good morning before she was pulled over in the parking lot of Timber Creek High School.

WTFV reports that Urban was pulled over Monday morning after an officer noticed her erratic driving. She reportedly skipped a line of cars waiting to turn left into the school’s parking lot and nearly jumped a curb. The officer intercepted the teacher before she exited the vehicle and immediately detected the scent of marijuana.

When asked about any possible drugs present in the vehicle, Urban said she was unaware of anything in the vehicle and if anything was present it was likely because her boyfriend borrowed her car over the weekend. A search revealed a small amount of marijuana as well as an unlabeled bottle of for red pills which have not been identified. However, before Megan could be arrested, school administrators intervened and lead her into the school’s main office to begin the administrative side of the investigation process.

No jail for Orange County teacher with pot and pills in car.

Can the school stop an officer from arresting a teacher if the administrators intervene?

Seems…odd, right? That school administrators somehow had the power to veto and arrest to begin their own processes. The social studies teacher was never even administered a field sobriety test. Today, Urban is suspended with pay from work while the Orange County Public School authorities conducts an investigation. The Sheriff’s Office is also conducting an investigation, but as of now Megan is not under arrest.

News of the incident has since travelled to the parents of Timber Creek High School students who are upset because they were never informed about the matter. The omission has parents questioning what kind of school their children are attending and if they were exposed in some way to drug use.

Do you think schools should be allowed to intervene in police matters? Should they be obligated to notify parents of teacher arrests? Let us know what you think!

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