Darryl Strawberry Overcomes Drug Addiction

Darryl Strawberry Overcomes Drug Addiction

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When people think of drug addicts they think of low-income, homeless, and needy people. If you said that a major league baseball player was a drug addict most people would look at you in disbelief. Little kids look up to sport stars. They want to dress like them, they want to look like them, and most of all they want to be them. Do our sports players set good examples for our younger generation? When you turn on the tv there are reports of star players getting caught up with addictive substances. It has become a trend to see these well known stars caught with drugs- but what is that doing to our youth who looks up to these players?

Darryl Strawberry was a high achiever on the field. He hit over 300 home runs in a 10 year span. When he would walk on the field to swing, people would say “there goes the Strawberry,” During the season Darryl and his teammates would have to take road trips in order to play their next opponent. While on this trip Darryl had his first encounter with cocaine. Since Darryl was new to the league he wanted to fit in and cocaine helped him do just that. Years later Darryl found himself getting addicted to the powerful drug. If it wasn’t for his wife, Tracy, he wouldn’t be here right now. Together they started going to drug rehab, and attend church, according to Lancaster Online.

Darryl and his wife were both addicted to drugs. Together they stood by each other side and beat their addiction. Before people would see Strawberry as one of the best baseball players of all time, now they see him as Christian minister who is helping people all around. Strawberry could have easily went on to do something else once he overcame his addiction, instead he is fighting and trying to help others overcome theirs. Together we can beat addiction!

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