Ex-Drug Addicts Graduate from a Program for Struggling Women

Ex-Drug Addicts Graduate from a Program for Struggling Women

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When someone says Drug Addict they think of a person who stays on the street day and night and only worries about when they are going to get their next high. They steal from loved ones and don’t care who they hurt when they are struggling with this addiction. Now drugs have populated the young community and it is having a major impact. Kids are dropping out of school, running away from home, and doing illegal activities to get their next high. Without some kind of education it will be very difficult for them to find a job when they want to begin a new track in their life. Even though addicts have stumbled onto the path of addiction, many want to get help and find another path. There’s a program for that now.

The Women’s Therapeutic Court just celebrated for successfully having eight female patients put the best foot forward and complete the program.  All the women in this program have previously battled with drug addiction. The women were given this second chance so they can provide a better life not only for themselves but their family also. In order to have stayed in the program the women must have been drug free for five to nine months, take different educational test and pass them, and also look for a steady workplace, according to Dayton News.

In this program they are giving women a second chance to succeed not only with their addiction but also with their education. These women have been through so much for the last couple of years and this program is giving them so much to smile for. Although only eight women have completed the program so far, it still is making a difference- next time it will be 16 and the number will just keep doubling. If we continue with programs like this one soon enough we won’t have any drug addicts.

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