Will Justin Blackmon Ever Return to the Jaguars after Suffering from Substance Abuse?

Will Justin Blackmon Ever Return to the Jaguars after Suffering from Substance Abuse?

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Justin Blackmon if a wide receiver for the National Football League NFL and plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was drafted by the Jaguars after playing at Oklahoma State. How he stood out from everyone else is that everyone would consider him an All-American. Justin received an athletic scholarship to play ball at OSU. Not growing up in the best conditions meant a lot, knowing he didn’t have to pay for school. While in college Blackmon made a name for himself as a fierce, incredible, humble player. The one and only accomplish he had yet to complete was playing for any team in the NFL. One he completed that step a terrible disease would make his journey come to a dramatic stop.

In 2013 Blackmon was suspended from the NFL indefinitely because of his repeated violations with substance abuse. General Manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dave Caldwell has said that the team has lost hope for his return. In early December the team though Blackmon would be returning because he had been receiving help from a treatment center but that rumor came crashing down when pictures of Blackmond packing extra weight was released. The team thinks that his career has came to an end because he hasn’t played the game of football for more than two years. Even though they think this is the end for Blackmon they still keep him on their roster so if he comes back they could be the first to evaluate him, according to orlandosentinel.

The jaguars have been going through a battle with Blackmon to stop him from using drugs. The only reason why he is still considered a football player because the jaguars want to see if he still has something left in his tank to get the team to the superbowl. If he decides to come back he must be in the best shape or he will be cut. Although he is still on the roster the Jaguars have replaced him by drafting two to three receivers. Time is ticking for Blackmon soon it will run out.


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